Know how to get Mobile version of your blog

Know How to enable mobile version of your blogBlogger have recently enabled Mobile version for its users,ya its a happy news to all of the bloggers.
Since to compete with lot of new coming sites and wordpress,Blogger annonced this feature.To the new year we have this as a treat from blogger.

While i have notice this at morning,just saw a new option in that page which is exactly i can show you here.
                    (Click to view in detailed larger image)

So why are you still waiting?

Change your blog to Mobile version :
I think you may already know and aware of this option,anyway let me tell you once again.

Step 1 : Goto

Step 2 : Dashboard and select which site you want to touch it,then goto Settings Tab

Step 3 : Now,you have to goto Email & Mobile tab,just click it.
            Here you will see this option at very first of the page, (as in above picture)
                     Show mobile Templates :  Select option Yes and then click Mobile Preview

Step 4 : Save and view your blog


and preview your blog in mobile version,wow..its amazing,you can now have lot of visitors from mobile also.Increase traffic via mobile.For Now blogger have announced this as a Beta ,yet we can expect lot of features in BLOGGER MOBILE TEMPLATE .
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