Image Translating Iphone App that blows our mind

Image Translating Application for Apple's Iphone a new evo
Translation technology has come a long way since Babblefish. A new iPhone App called Lens combines augmented reality, real-time translation software and character recognition that the course the Mexican restaurant you've always wanted to try but could not read the menu to make.

The information seems to characters by the iPhone's camera and translated in real time, replacing foreign words with their English counterparts (and vice versa).

For more than two years, Quest Visual founders Otavio Good and John DeWeese worked on technologies that help travelers abroad. The initial offer of $ 4.99 conversion offers English and Spanish with plans to include additional languages soon sit on your gadget.

"He tried to know the characters then look in the dictionary," said Good. "When he pulled the words on the screen translation.

More Languages to Translate
Future plans include French, Italian, and even an application for the blind, even if you travel outside the country in the near future, it might be a good application just for the novelty value here, he's Action.

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