HTC Desire a Android OS mobile

Hello friends, HTC Desire have a new edition this year, and we could intimate time with the HTC Desire S Get some. What this means is S , is anyone's guess, we'd go with "second", rather than sense or L?since we had the first in the Desire.
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If the handset fits comfortably in your hand and is quite solid, if what we were handling, be still squeaking prototypes. The 3.7 "display size is the perfect compromise between enough screen real estate and comfortable fit, for us, and that is exactly what the HTC Desire S Sport. with the AMOLED Super LCDtype the same 480x800 pixels ,solution it is light and the colors are vibrant, with subtle angles? an LCD screen HTC Bauqualit is t legendary r Mystery of the j longest switching to an aluminum unibody design obtained with that impression .? it is on the HTC Desire S as well It is the soft-touch plastic on the rear side by a metal band with the HTC logo on it separately. The chrome volume rocker on the left side, and the power / lock key light to the top clickable, and once again remind us of the design of the HTC Anstrengungenauf Desire HD, for example. The phone with its 5MP camera rear side which now do not test HD video recording out of the box, insteadof waiting to upgrade an operating system, and is accompanied by a "Power LED" flash, whatever that means HTC claim . It has a green sensor as in the request, but should come as littlelight photos better than before. Has VGA front-facing camera for video chat. The aluminum shell is change the main road?, but also internalsare f? r a 1-GHz Snapdragon chipset, a second-generation MSM8255, exchanged manufactured with 45nm technology (the original had a first generation chipset Desire) with the Adreno205 GPU, the carrying out of very well in all tests that have wirgesetzt it through, so your Desire S f probably not always weak.? Select The other spec bump istheaddition of 256 MB of RAM more, f? r total of 768 MB RAM or the HTC phone's Desire S. L? UFt2, 3 Gingerbread Android, on the latest version of the HTC Sense is placed (reviewed here). It provides cloud services integration? HTCSense.comover, and the locations of app with which you can maps free k full-featured offline navigation , voice instrctions are also a modest amount, so that Sien view to relystrictly have in Google Maps, skills whoseoffline-F? are very rudimentary?r in comparison. All in all, the HTC Desire S nicer than an infusion? over the original desire, both externally and from the chipset side of things.