ISRO the Growing Leader in Space

Our own sapce researcher ISRO,is growing enormous with the innovative technology in hand ,by dedicated scientist to make INDIA a Global Leader in space..

Nasa alone is not the king in space tech,a day waiting for the indians too,to get into it..but for that we need a lot of supports and encouraging enthusiasits who can shed their money (if wealth in status) or shed their resource (if wealth in Knowledge).

Students have many aims and goals in thier dreams and all that not glown and get them to success,some made them to shine with continuous spirit having in thier heart not mere in mind.Some quit from their goal as facing many problems and financialy weak and it goes on.

ISRO can provide a medium by which an ordinary student ( those who have intense interest in Space) can have their ideas exposed and discussion among young scientists.Anything is possible only if there availabe the medium of ladder to the oppurtunity.

ISRO have launched many satellites for our own purpose and also for commercial bussines.yet it have a lon vision of sending its Sat to the moon with human,we also expecting that to happe as soon as possible,if the authorities from govt approved and given financial aid for this like useful projects.
Thank you for your calm read.Leave your comment about ISRO ,or your own vision.anything may always welcome here.