Increase blogger traffic from mobile users

 Friends you can now increase your blog traffic and gain lot of new visitors also from mobile web.To do this you have to do nothing than simply enable the mobile verison of your blogger blog.
Its a new feature by blogger announced in beta stage,to boost up traffic to your site from mobile devices too.

Its a simple tip for you but it have lot of potential to change your blogger traffic status,yes of course you may have more visitors from Web rather than xhtm view ( mobile devices ) but why dont you try this and have visitors from there also?

You have to Enable Mobile version Template in blogger by going to Dashboard-Seting-Email n Mobile-Click Yes and preview save it.or you can read it in detail here.

Then do some SEO for attracting mobile visitors just like you do for normal web visitors,thats all and now you can see your Blogger stats and wonder of double your traffic.
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