Htc to Stop locking of BootLoader Code in future phones

Smartphone maker HTC has pledged to stop locking down its handsets' bootloader code,a move that makes it easier to install complete custom operating system releases. For 'custom operating system releases' read 'not carrier-specific version'. HTC CEO Peter Chou made the promise on the company's Facebook page, stating: "Today, I'm confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices." The company made this decision, he said, because of "overwhelmingly customer feedback".
Early HTC smartphones did not sport locked bootloaders, but of late its handsets have ,making the process of tinkering with the devcies'software rather harder - though not impossible. At what point the re-appearance of unlocked bootloaders will appear isn't clear from Chou's statement.
Most likely, as HTC ships new handset models, these will come with unlocked bootloaders. Current phones
may get bootloader-unlocking
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