New mobile phone HTC Salsa with facebook button rocks

HTC Salsa, one of the company"Facebook Experience" phones, it was immediately clear that this is a direction? Rigorous public is aligned up to a certain do social networking on-the-goand on-make the-cheap.
The display is 3.4-inch LCD with 320x480 pixels, not big in terms of ed? Resolution and brightness, but it does the job. This phone will be powered by a modest 600MHz Qualcomm chipset, but it has the big z? dependent 512MB of RAM and a 5MP camera with LED flash on the R? rear side, so that all basic covered.It seemed firm enough in his hand, as though it exclusively? Lich looks like plastic.The HTC Salsa h? lt the design trend of all recent HTC phones but ready to see from an area around the camera lens on the R? rear side, found a lighter tone thanthe standard? rbt, making it look in the rear L? bridges way There are different colors -. blue f r brown and blacksoft-touch plastic on the rear side -?.? and brings after two tonal range of the camera in a more youthful appearance HTC Enth filling said at the event thatthe statistics show how more than H half? on the human zwischen18-35 years? berpr affected? Facebook right after they wake up, and we have anything similar observations. Therefore, HTC Salsa Comes the rescue, because HTC has wisely concluded that only one app is not enough , m? you need a dedicated Facebook key physically on the handset. How good a differentiator as any other, we guess, and the execution? Channel is actually more abk? can choose. If you callsomeone with the HTC salsa, their Facebook profile, with the latest status updates, photos and so on, so you know what they are up since you last. Numerouslittle Erg? nzungen howthey are spoken scattered HTC Sense UI The Facebook button flashes when you k? can something you share with thephone do if they visit a Web site (share a link), is music tomusic Ren h (post the song) oraphoto -.? The button starts Hen gl, and you upload k? can a change plates to your facebook account told directly by Dr? pressing the blue button below the screen. Ifyou keep him Pressed's Something, places ge? opened, and you k? can check-in.Cool concept, but the phones seem to a breakfast here Version Ofthe HTC sense, do not run with cloud services and offline M? possibilities of navigation and we will have on the Facebook-based HTC scythe through their paces in the final validly form before wepass each sentence. Q2 is the timeof arrivaland HTC said AT & T are the exclusive carrier hunter ,have Facebook Experience" handsets.