Why you need to choose Hostgator for best web hosting experience of your blog or website?

Hostgator WebHosting 
If you are having a blog hosted on blogger ,or like to create a new self hosted blog or website ? You need to get two things Domain name ( a primary name that points your blog/website )and Hosting space ( where your webpages are saved ).
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  • Domain name - It can be grabbed for around 10$ per year from godaddy,namecheap,domain.com or like so.
  • Hosting - It plays a major role that you have to choose wisely,if you're hoster doesn't meet the guidelines for better hosting,you're spending your valuable money for waste.
Why Hostgator ?
  • They are big!
  • They are having 12000 servers across the world!
  • They having 7million domain hosted .
  • Hostgator plays 1% of total domain account hosted in the internet.
  • Hostgator has more than 600 employees working for better hosting service.
  • Hostgator provides better customer service/online support.
So what more you need to trust this crocadile company?
To add more exciting ,some of the popular websites,blogs are hosted on Hostgator ,so they won't go wrong if hostgator services are not good.

What are the plans offered by Hostgator ?Well they have three plans 
  • Hatchling
  • Baby
  • Bussiness 
I will write the complete article about which plan is better for you !

Which hosting plan can i purchase ?
For now,i would like to suggest
 Baby Plan ,for a grown blogger. (20$ offer )

You can buy the Baby plan as it provides you all the needs of a professional blogger/webmaster ,you just follow the link and while payout use the
coupon : MdmIndia25 to get 25% offer on final price.

What can i offer for you my loyal visitor?
I would like to offer my visitors a special offer for those who like to get a hosting account on hostgator !
Some of them are given here,

1st - a 25% Offer for you to cut the hosting cost for you.
2nd  - Complete Free Guide for Installing Wordpress blog,forums,scripts,plugins.
3rd  - Free Adsense,SEO tricks for Monetizing your blog.
4th  - Free Premium Themes/Templates
5th  - A special link for your blog on this blog.

Note: You can get all this offer by commenting your email id with hosting plan that you've bought through this link .

HostGator Ultimate Offer

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