Apple Iphone cheaper model will hit soon

Bloomberg is quoted - you
guessed it - "people who
were informed about
plans "as saying that Apple
hard at work on taking the low-end iphone with a
new model is just
third smaller than the
Existing iPhone 4,
possibly with the intent to deliver
it using mostly medium
components of deferred
4 of the iPhone keep prices
down. The thing is, Apple is said to Bloomberg that
is ön the way for launch of the "best
market "model
$ 200 off contract, which
would be the same as the iPhone 16
Go 4 on contract
yet. Do not
that $ 200 off
contract is very cheap by modern
smartphone standards, which
Apple could afford
to use every scrap of his
enormous economies of scale
to make that decision. In all
risk, in fact, should
abandon the 3.5-inch
Display - it might be too big
for a "small" model
anyway. The pub goes
that the device could
been delayed or scrapped
altogether, since its source has
seen the device of the year
Last, but some
thing to keep an eye on;
After all, Apple is not
probably leaving money on
the table now default
to go
after mid-range with
combination of the present
generation, then it could be the gold
occasionally. On the road, they
also say
Apple is working on a double
iPhone user who was working on
both CDMA and GSM - not a
not surprised at all,
really (if
something is a bit
surprising to us that Apple did not kill the existing GSM
4 and replace all iPhone
those with CDMA / GSM when
he announced the Verizon
model). There is no mention that this model
have no way to 4G
support, but CDMA, GSM, and
LTE in one phone - with the
at least five bands, if no longer -
would indeed be pretty wild.
Finally, Bloomberg said (and
our own sources have
confirmed) that Apple
working on a so-called "Universal SIM technology
that would eliminate
completely SIM cards
physics and do so using the
different networks a simple question
provisioning, as
American CDMA networks
today. Of course,
this rumor has been around the factory before
- And has already been killed
off - so it is difficult
to say if it's something
Apple is actively working to
or has been shelved. The independence granted
by the SIM card was one of
the main advantages of
networks around the world over the last twenty
and we do not want to see
that Apple manage to kill off
for a kind of lock- to a nonsense iTunes
but it must
be honest: If someone could
out what kind of shot, it
would Cupertino. More information
on all these rumors
we understand it.

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