Google Android 4.0 Tips for Upgrading to Ice Cream SandWich

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Here the tips for Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich ,if you have Android GingerBread on your mobile ,planned to upgrade to Android 4.0 ,then here is the tips from the Google .

You can get more tips and tweaks for Android 4.0 from this blog.

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Your App Need upgrades

You may need to upgrade some apps on your Android phone for the effect of Android 4.0
To use Adobe Flash with Android 4.0, first upgrade it to the latest version.
You may need to upgrade some of your other apps before they'll work with Android 4.0.
To connect your phone to a Mac via USB, first install the Android File Transfer app on your Mac. To do so, go to

Android 4.0 includes many new features, most of which are described in other Help topics. Note especially the use of left-right swipes. For example, you can swipe sideways to:

Dismiss notifications.
Dismiss recent app thumbnails.
Move forward or backward through e-mail messages in your Inbox.
Check recent Google+ posts from the People app.

You can now easily capture screenshots directly on your phone: press Power and Volume (Down) simultaneously. The screenshot is saved automatically. The Screenshot icon appears in your notification menu. Touch the notification to view your screenshot in Gallery.

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