Wikileaks facing Trouble from Govt which now they facing from Hackers

Wikileaks and its Story

Wikileaks have been on the Top among all recent search terms on Google and in every media,that this 39 year old man released some of secret story's,and have been on threat from U.S and other countries .

since the support from Amazon,Paypal,Master card have been forced to withdrawn.So the getting Donation money from thousands around the world which they willingly ready to help or support Wikileaks and its founder Jilian is been on difficult.

Since then, JULIAN ASSANGE,surrunded to UK police and have won Bail after some days,by accepting to submitting $100000 of $200000.At first he was refused to give bail,as govt feared that assange may escapr or hide.

while the wikileaks have been supported by many top heads,now he is being wanted by Sweden as he had another main case for sex allegation with two girls.It might lead assange to get in prison for two or three years.

Hackers Support to Wikileaks:
A new problem has arised from anonymous 1500 cyber Hackers ,
The attacks, termed “Operation Payback”, came after the credit card companies and PayPal, an online payment firm, announced that they would no longer process donations to the anti-secrecy organisation.that they had their hand on Master card and Paypal website,which then the service has been severly affected.