New HTC ChaCha mobile with many features

The HTC ChaCha is a young and hip Handy f? R all socially connected cool kids in town with a dedicated Facebook button, which they readily share k? Able to get to the content. F? Gene inthe fully? LinkedIn QWERTY portrait keyboardand Facebook's Zuckerberg words? Over next several institutions with a social at its core, we were excited to get our eyes on the ChaCha. htc,chacha,new,mobile
Design-wise the HTC ChaCha is a candybar-style phone with a clear INSULATION beginning below the screen.
This makes the lower part with the keyboard slight angle to where the upper part compared with the screen. It looks something like the chin on the HTC salsa or european?
The blue key Facebook is what makes the appliances out into the crowd. The button is the context and let you easily upload photos to Facebook while you're in the gallery app.
Android gingerbread on a 2.6-inch screen(probably run one of the smallest screen we saw on Android) is by far is the best experience. But? Surprisingly it is actually quite useful? Thanks to the HTC SenseH? . silicon matters little concern for young people to quickly andeasy,but we forget 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 uses the chipset in ChaCha. It Also carried on the handset as you would expect wide. The 512 MB RAM contribute to the experience. Overall, we have a beautiful Stones, technology especially given the price range of HTC ChaCha. The handset will sell sometime in the 2nd Quarter, slightly more than the affordable HTC S Wildfire, which is pretty good.