Google India Refuses Gmail Access to Indian Govt

Google refused Gmail full access for  Indian government  entry.

Say it is impossible to share the encryption key as the service is governed by U.S. laws

I'm sure you Blackberry / encryption issue in the past, the Indian government will have come across. Key ingredients in the country, millions of BlackBerry users (like e-mail or chat) defense - as of now, January 31, 2011 by BlackBerry maker RIM encryption key is in the hands of intelligence agencies.

It seems that the Indian government that all other forms of electronic communication can not pass through his radar training your eyes. Google's popular e-mail service - Gmail - one of them happens to be. But as the Economic Times reports, Google already ask them anything before the government gave its verdict on the case. Google Inc. of its email service Gmail users encryption key to do with Indian security agencies around the world millions of people for reasons of confidentiality agreement, will be part of. Vinay Goel, head of Google India spoke on the matter, "if requested, it used to offer real-time since the Gmail service is governed by U.S. laws would be impossible to give users their data with us., We are expected to save, which is why, User Privacy much important  for Google Users".

But like Google to fully protect the nation's call for change is not a deaf ear. Vinay said he offered the use of the Government of India in a big way if there is a threat to human life and property are open. But I wonder whether the Government has accepted this arrangement, the situation for themselves before being invited, thus the government will find the need to monitor all the time.

So, with the government to protect such a hard time walking is why? As ET type show up, they high level of encryption technology that is protected by Internet communications intercept on the resources. It seems very strange that the government actually to tone down its encryption standard called Indian ISPs to monitor their systems in the country.

This very complex problem where you have companies that protect their users that they swear are not willing to compromise on privacy versus communication that could use some of the nation's security against all possible types need to monitor looks like. What is government for the encryption key to use your Gmail to ask Google? They ban the popular email service if they do not comply?

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