What is IPV6 protocol

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IPv6 :
 Internet Protocol version 6 is an advanced form of protocol to solve the problem faced by IPv4.
It expands the 32 bits of address space to upto 128 bits of vast address space.The successor to IPv4 which is beginning to be deployed, IPv6 provides over a sextillion addresses (theoretically 2 128 ), It Resolves a problem associated with the growth of the number of computers attached to the Internet

Address Space:

It have addressing scheme which uses a 128 bits arranged in eight hexadecimal four digit integers delimited with colons. For example: FD08:3BC4:E997:8D43:0000:6F25:78C3:B12E.

ipv4,ipv6,ip,protocol,diff between,what is,image,network,protocol

  •  It allows every device on the planet to have its own IP number!.
  •  IPv6 is backward compatible with and is designed to fix the shortcomings of IPv4, such as data security and maximum number of user addresses. ...
  •  It also supports quality of service (QoS) parameters for real-time audio and video.

Its no doubt this new IP will greatly change the way we use our devices and routing and networking accessories to provide a numerous supportive boom to the growth of this INTERNET,which is basically sharing and caring...!!

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