Facebook passes Yahoo on the Score

Facebook Top's Yahoo

On the Internet, size is everything.From May 2008 to May 2009, Facebook page set up to steal and began to move in the comScore rankings. MySpace, Amazon, eBay, AOL, - one after another fell into exponential growth, which was Mark Zuckerberg finds himself in a social network.

When shot in Facebook 18 months ago, Wikipedia has passed, many wonder if it removes the highest level, where three giants roamed the Internet. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, Facebook Before more than twice as many miles with monthly unique visitors.

The highest class, you are officially a new member.
This comes as shocking news. As Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch writes: "The evidence leading to this decline has been a long time to build."

Facebook's meteoric rise has been well documented in the online publication of each technology. Yahoo 'is experienced problems were almost equally.
# 2 to # 1 Google and Microsoft continue to show modest growth, and as more than 200 million unique visitors a month ahead of Facebook, but the trend shows that in his rear view mirror on sooner rather than later will have to start looking.

Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo said earlier this month that Facebook was their biggest rival. Google and Facebook a few months back and forth as the battle lines are being developed. Microsoft further three were treated with positive and negative (and everyone else on the Internet), while now, but will play well with everyone, now, look.

Brad McCarty on TheNextWeb sums it up well when he writes that the growth of Google, Facebook and exponential benefits of increased traffic on the Microsoft Web site with a small recession, "the first three positions may prove to be an interesting race coming months."

2011 is already shaping tech titans to clash on many fronts.THrough your comments..