How to earn money from Youtube ?

How to make money with Youtube
Here is a tips for you to earn money through Youtube.
The steps given below is just a simple one.If you want to know more about the different ways to make money from youtube videos,then i will be glad to know via comment.

Youtube make people rich
Just by uploading useful,trending videos to youtube,you have the chance for making thousand of dollors a month.Why not you be one of them making revenue from online ,youtube.I'll be updating about this method in some more possible ways..
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  • Upload your videos to youtube.
  • Once your videos reach 7k views,
  • you will receive adsense sign up invite from youtube.
  • Sign up for adsense or associate existing acount .
  • Upload more videos and enable monetizing option while you upload.

If you want to earn more you have to get more views.

Tip: Upload some of the hot video of current trend..then you will get more views..