How much do is earning revenue per month ?

Mashable Revenue per day ?
We know very well about Mashable - a social media guide,as they say themselves but now it is publishing like a news paper covering all the topic like Entertainment,Tech,Bussiness,U.S and World News ..It seems they've make use of the traffic and user base wisely..

How Much Mashable earns ?
Ever thought like this ,we visit lot of site and see more user interactions,social neworking shares,a lot of commetn threads..think behind the website..How it works,How much it gains..

It is estimated that the earns a whooping 16,565 $ a day.(are you still alive ? ).You just multiply that with 30 ,and 12 to get per month and per year.

It is very huge interms of indian money,ofcourse it has paid employees,hosting and other cost are there,but with this HUGE money we can do all this ,as it seems little cost for expensives.

How much you earn from your blog ? Do let us know...share via comments..