EarthQuake in Vadalore,Neyveli,Tamilnadu - a complete news you need to know

Quake after Thane
It is the latest wave spreading all over the southern district of TamilNadu,that we're yet to receive a earthquake soon..

What really Happens:
      Our people believe evrything to be a true statement ,infact its the situation that we have right now.As you may know that ,the recent attack by the cyclone  Thane, made top to bottom,total wipe out in cuddalore,villupuram,panruti,neyveli,puducherry areas and nearby towns.

      As this much of things happened just before new year,and hearing this earthquake news at very morning on the sleep is a great misery,its common that we believe what people says.whether true or not ,we've heard and we came out of the homes at 4.15am. (some people wake up at 3.00 am ).

     There is no communication to convey the news or to know whether it is a trusted news or just a rumour,so we believed and with lot of fearness ,we stay out of home.

Real Shake at vadalore:
     Eventhough it is not a high on ricter scale,it is said that Vadalore,near cuddalore had undergone mild-shake ,and people feel the shake,they said.
    So,they thought it is sign of a big b comin on the way,it is right thing they've done as far as from my view,they've alerted by SMS,phone calls,onsite visit to near by areas by bikes.
Let's Hope:

    Friends,lets hope for good things happen in this very New Year 2012.It is our time,stay bold,face hurdles jointly,acheive goals,land o your dreams.

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