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Hi ,if you are using blogger platform for your blog then which is the gift exactly for you! We all may search for Theme/templates of some of the popular blog that exists online,so that our blog will look like them.If you do so.Then grab this one from here
Devils Workshop BLogger Template
This is the latest release of NewBloggingTipz by Mukund who already released ShoutMeLoudblogger template for us,with all his updates on them from each and every styles and icons of the wp theme.Today i came to know that this new blogger template Devils Workshop cloned has been released ,I like to share this with you .It has lot of features pre-enabled for you,some of them are given below.
Devils Workshop Blogger Template
Features of DW blogger Template
01. Top navigation bar with google search.
02. Header with space for displaying 468×60 banner ads.
03. Google adsense link unit to maximize adsense revenue.
04. Featured content slider (coding shall soon be posted).
05. Share counters next to post title on homepage.
06. Customized text display for comments below post titles.
07. Read more hack installed by default.
08. Simple footer to match the original theme.
09. Customized subscription box (coding shall soon be posted).
10. Share counters below post titles on post page.
11. 336×280 adsense box below post titles.
12. Related posts matching the original theme.
13. Tag section – little different from the original.
14. Supports multiple author info widget – coding included.
15. Simple comment section & seo optimized.
So,there are a lot more yet to come for this template,which will be updated at this page.
Download :
You can
 Download the template here .
Demo :Visit : Devils Workshop Demo
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