HTC Puccini Tablet's production to star in June-Get Ready!

Recently said that HTC is
planning to launch its
first Android 3.0 tablet
soon and will be released
by AT & T in the US.

also has some details on it and until the tablet is
very impressive, which
will run on a 1.5 GHz
dual-core technology
and will also HTC
Scribe technology, which is liked by many people who are using HTC Flyer.

DigiTimes reports that
HTC is planning to begin
volume production of
Puccini HTC next month, which means it will be
launched soon. As we
know that the tablet
technology is compatible
with HTC 's stylus, tablet
screen is both resistive and capacitive.

HTC is buying a 10.1-inch panel with touch screen for a business to start
production by June.
Android will have 3.0.1 as we have seen the
recent photos of the
user interface, which
shows that also feature
the sense of User
Interface with honeycomb, which make
the experience even
more surprising. As
DigiTimes says that the
pen works with
software, it seems that Puccini HTC HTC will also
include notes and maybe
some software for the
pen. If production is
from June, my guess is
that officially launched in all the vacation time.